Bell MX-9 Adventure Visor Photochromatic

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Bell MX-9 Adventure Visor Photochromatic

Bell and photochromic pioneers Transitions Optical have come together to create the Transitions SOLFX ClickRelease shield which automatically adapts to light conditions, darkening when exposed to sunlight and clearing in low light.
It eliminates the need to change between tinted and clear shields when riding in the light of day, the darkness of night and anything in between.

  • Shield tint automatically and quickly adapts to lighting conditions
  • Shield is clear at night and in low light and tints darker as light brightness increases
  • Darkens from fully clear to dark tint in about 10 seconds in bright sunlight
  • Bell NutraFog II antifog coating reduces fogging
  • Anti-scratch and UV-protected coatings block 99 percent of UV rays

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