Sena 10U for ARAI Helmet, Motorcycle Bluetooth Comms System with Remote Control

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Sena 10U for ARAI Helmet, Motorcycle Bluetooth Comms System with Remote Control

New from Sena is the 10U for Arai full-faced helmets (check description for compatible helmets). Uniquely designed for seamless integration into Arai full-faced helmets, ensuring that your experience is elevated to new levels as you ride connected.

The Sena 10U for ARAI FULL FACED HELMET delivers audiophile-worthy performance for your tunes and conversations in a stealthy setup that fits within the interior recesses of the Arai full faced helmets. 

Advanced Noise Control™ is proprietary Sena technology that vastly reduces wind and road noise without sacrificing awareness of your surroundings.

Linking up your 10U with the Sena Utility app (for Android or iPhone) allows you to configure device settings and access a Quick Guide on the fly.  

The 10U also offers the ability to pair with up to two mobile phones for convenient hands-free calling. 

  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Invisible Beauty
  • Remote Control
  • Intercom to 1.6km in open terrain
  • Four-Way Intercom
  • Universal Intercom
  • Voice Prompts
  • FM Radio
  • Music Sharing
  • Advanced Noise Control

Compatible with these Arai helmet models:

Corsair-X, Corsair-V, Signet-X, Quantum-X, RX-Q, Signet-Q, Defiant, Defiant Pro-Cruise, Vector-2, RX-7V, RX-7, QV-Pro, Chaser-X, Rebel, Axces-3


  • Talk time: 10 hours
  • Operating temperature: -10˚C — 55˚C (14°F — 131°F)
  • Dimensions:
  • Microphone with control unit: 77 mm x 68 mm x 58 mm (3.0 in x 2.7 in x 2.3 in)
  • Weight:  10U for Arai Full-face Helmet: 63 g (2.22 oz)


  • Headset Profile (HSP)
  • Hands-Free Profile (HFP)
  • Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
  • Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)
  • Bluetooth 4.1


  • Working distance: up to 1.6 kilometers (1.0 mile) in open terrain


  • Advanced Noise Control™
  • Built-in SBC Codec
  • Wide volume control
  • Sample rate: 48 kHz (DAC)

FM Radio

  • Built-in FM radio with RDS AF (Radio Data System Alternate Frequencies)
  • Radio region: worldwide
  • Radio frequency specifications: 64 - 108 MHz
  • 10 preset station memory with automatic scan function


  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Type: Lithium polymer


  • CE, FCC, IC

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