Honda VFR750 88-97 GOLDfren Sintered Front Brake Pads (2 x Pair) GF022S3

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GOLDfren S3 Series: (Image of pads in packet is for illustration purposes only, refer to diagram for actual images of pads)

What you get: 2 x Pairs of sintered brake pads to suit Honda VFR750 88-97

The S3 sintered compound is optimal for street bikes, dual sport, touring, cruisers. It's recommended on applications with larger engines or for people who ride harder than average and want the great stopping power of a sintered brake pad.

The S3 series is designed for low abrasive interaction with the rotor and quieter braking because the ceramic composite material. It has an HH friction rating and performs better at higher temperatures.

Friction materials contain metal-ceramic with a bronze-graphite and non-metallic friction additives are spread evenly on the base fine bronze body to achieve optimal friction properties

GOLDfren Quality brake pads are made in the Czech Republic.

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