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Repsol 1L Coolant & AntiFreeze

  • 1995

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Cooling liquid recommended for all kinds of cooling circuits, including aluminium. It prevents mechanical faults caused by high temperatures, as it dissipates the heat, or by the coolant freezing, as it withstands temperatures of up to -40 ºC. It contains specific additives that prevent corrosion and the formation of deposits in the system.


  • Prevents foam formation.
  • Guarantees excellent heat transference properties.
  • Hinders the formation of deposits and sludge in the cooling circuit.
  • It possesses alkaline capacity to neutralise the acid combustion gases which inevitably leak into the cooling circuit.
  • Compatible with joints and seals, thus preventing fluid loss risks.
  • Prevents cavitation, corrosion and engine overheating.

Quality Levels

  • UNE 26-361-88
  • ASTM D 3306
  • BS 6580

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