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Repsol 2T Competition 1L

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Suitable for competition and for daily use, Repsol Moto Competición 2T is a synthetic lubricant oil which is formulated to provide total engine protection and immediate acceleration. Moreover, it is especially suitable for low contaminating emission engines; its composition prevents the formation of deposits in the exhaust system, which prolongs its life and engine life. It is suitable for engines with a premix in the fuel and also for those that use an injector lubrication system.


  • Formulated to provide total protection, excellent for ensuring a clean engine and low emissions.
  • Its components prevent the formation of deposits, helping to keep the exhaust ports clean.
  • It extends the engine's lifespan, preventing any sticking of the piston rings, sweating of spark plugs and the formation of carbonous residues.
  • It minimises the emission of fumes, contributing to a reduction in pollution.

Quality Levels

  • JASO M345 FD (Code 034RYL001)
  • API TC
  • Aprilia DFI
  • TISI
  • ISO-L-EGD 

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