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Repsol 2T Off Road Pre-mix and Injection Oil 1L

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Synthetic lubricant oil for very high performance 2-stroke engines; it is mainly suitable for all top-level off-road specialities. This product has been conscientiously designed to ensure maximum engine protection against wear in the extreme conditions to which this type of motorbike is subjected. It is suitable for both premix and for injector lubrication systems.


  • Specially developed for use in conditions of high rotations, demonstrating superior capacity in off-road use.
  • Excellent protection against wear and improved engine cleanliness guaranteed in conditions of extreme use.
  • Its components prevent the formation of deposits, helping to keep the exhaust ports clean.
  • It extends the engine's lifespan, preventing any sticking of the piston rings, sweating of spark plugs and the formation of carbonous residues.

Quality Levels

  • JASO M345 FD (Code 034RYL002)
  • API TC
  • Aprilia DFI
  • TISI

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