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The product containsthe transmitter and the timer (signal receiver); a single transmitter can work with all lap timers that are on the same frequency.
The Lap Timer (Receiver):
If you press <UP>: The LCD shows one lap backward;
If you press <DOWN>: The LCD shows one lap forward;
Pressing <SUM>: Summary; Slowest lap time, fastest lap time, Total time and average lap time;
Pressing <CLR>:A two-second press will clear the memory and turn on the signal receiver,so the timer will start to count when it passes the signal wall; A short press will stop the timer from counting,and LCD turns to last record;

The transmitter:
Product size: 6.7CM x 4.2CM x 2.6CM
Batteries: 2 x AA (not included) lasts 5 hours in worst work condition.
Red LED: On or OFF;
Wave Length: 940nm.

2 x AA batteries are used as power supply for IR transmitter.
Voltage gradually decreases when batteries are used. The receiving distance will be shortened with the increasing usage time of the batteries. So please take this factor into consideration and put the IR transmitter at a proper position in advance of usage, in case that the receiver(timer) miss out signal.

Things to note:
As the IR signal is interfered by sunlight, the receiving distance of IR signal will be shortened when the sunlight is strong. We recommend you to place the IR transmitter closer to the receiver when the sunlight is comparatively strong.
Do not put the IR receiver or IR transmitter face directly to the sunlight.
Do keep the IR receiver and IR transmitter at the same height.
Do make the IR receiver face directly to the position of IR transmitter.
Avoid placing the beacon on the corner, as bike will lean and the chance of missing signal will dramatically increase.
Always change the batteries after about 5 hours’ usage.
Please take out the batteries during long time idle.
Please turn off the power once it is not in use.
Do not use the product outdoors in rainy day.

Before you use;
Turn on the power. The LCD will show the total lap time of last session;
Press<CLR> for more than 2 seconds, the memory will be cleared, and signal receiver will be turned on; The LCD will show:
Before you start the bike, please make sure that the signal receiver is on ;( Make sure that the sign is active)
When the LCD shows that the signal receiver is on, the <UP>\<Down>\<SUM> will be inactive;
When the bike passes the infrared signal for the first time, the lap will turn 1, and the timer starts to count;
The last lap record will be shown for 10 seconds on the LCD; and then the real time record will be displayed;
To stop time counting, press the <CLR> button; The signal receiver will be turned off, and the total time will be displayed on the LCD;

After you use:
When the signal receiver is off, <CLR> is inactive, unless press it by 2 seconds to clear the memory and start the next counting;
When the device is idle for 20 minutes(no signal, no button touch) the system will go to sleep status to save power;

The time tolerance of this device is 0.0035 seconds for each lap; (CPU)
This device is designed for track day and trainers; It has all basic function that is required for track day.
Product size: 60mm x 40mm x 12mm
Max Lap time and Max total time: 99 minutes 59 seconds;
Max lap to record: 64 laps;
When there is continuous signal, only the first signal will be counted;
The signal receiver is built in the timer, make sure the receiver is exposed to the “signal wall” created by the transmitter;
The laser pointer helps to build the signal wall; Make the “wall” as vertical to the track as possible;
When you are not able to expose the signal receiver to the “signal wall”, try to turn the “wall” to different angles

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