X-LITE X-551 GT Saharan Dust N-COM Sand 25 Full Face Helmet

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X-LITE X-551 GT Saharan Dust N-COM Sand 25 Full Face Helmet

X-551 becomes X-551 "GT" (Gran Turismo). Using the lastest generation fabrics for the making of the new Performance and Touring comfort padding the revisiting of the cheek pads, which have a different setting, are the basis of a significant improvement in terms of fit and fit. Scrupulous care of the aesthetic details. Designed for users of motard and road enduro but it absolutely efficient use on dirt, X-551 GT is available in three shell sizes and can be used in its full configuration or no peak or visor. It is characterized by the visor perfectly integrated with the design of the product, for the internal sun shield VPS (Vision Protection System) and for effective ventilation system. The large peak thought to use the helmet on dirt roads, paths ensures adequate protection from the Sun. X-551 GT is finally equipped with retention system with double rings (DD-ring) and prepared for the N-Com communication system X-Series BX4 PLUS. 

Note: All our helmets are purchased directly from Australian supplier and carry the ECE 22.05 standard

Size Guide:

Size Cm
XS 53-54
M 57-58
L 58-59
XL 60-61
XXL 61-62

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