Yamaha YZF-R3 15- XAM X-Ring Chain and Sprocket Kit 14t/43t

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This Sprocket Kit contains a 14 tooth front sprocket and a 43 tooth rear sprocket. The chain is the correct length and requires no cutting.
About the chain: XAM heavy duty chains are manufactured from carbon alloy steel, heat-treated and shot-peened for maximum strength and durability. All heavy duty chains are pre-stressed and pre-stretched for superior performance and minimal elongation during the life of the chain.
Chain length is 112 links.
1x 10-167-14 SPKT MTX 436 / 565-14T S Y 520 (214) (A02)
1x 11-192-43 SPKT MTX 486-43T K 520 250
1x XC520AX112 CHAIN XAM 520AX X 112 X-RING

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