Arai Freeway Classic  Helmet - Gloss Black

Arai Freeway Classic Helmet - Gloss Black

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Arai Freeway Classic Helmet


  • Replaceable ear cups

Ear cups with their shock absorbing liner are offered in different thickness sizes, to make a more custom fit possible. There is ample room around the ear area for better comfort and plenty of space for a communication device.

  • Leatherette Interior

A Unique feature is the real leatherette interior parts, offering a classic appearance. Made of very supple and soft faux leather offering a luxurious look and feel to the helmet.

  • Shell Construction

SFL – Special Fibre Laminate

Strict quality-controlled construction using special fiber layers, crowded with fibers right to the shell surfaces and bonded with special resins formulated by Arai, to disperse impact energy over the widest possible area – the shell’s main job – through strength, structural integrity and impact flexibility.

  • Goggle Strap Band

When goggles are used, the strap band keeps the goggle strap in place on the back of the helmet, preventing the strap from slipping off.

 **PLEASE NOTE, THE AUSTRALIAN DELIVERED HELMET DOES NOT INCLUDE THE PIN LOCK INSERT LENS** as stated on the Arai Australian website, it is an optional extra.**

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