Bell Helmet Star/SRT Panovision ProTint Face Shield - Photochromic

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Bell Helmet Star/SRT Panovision Face Shield

  • Enhance your ride with Bell ProTint™ shields, the only one you'll need.  Activated by UV light, ProTint™ shields adapt to changing light conditions, providing enhanced vision during any ride.
  • Offering exceptional clarity in low light conditions, ProTint™ shields quickly darken when exposed to bright sunlight.  This adaptive technology helps your eyes adjust to the conditions, even when they are changing as quickly as the road ahead.  
  • ProTint Photochromic shields provide enhanced contrast, helping your eyes to discern shapes and colors more quickly.  The result is enhanced clarity and a reduction in eye strain through varying light conditions
  • Fits: Star, Race Star and Pro Star from 2016 and newer
  • Fits SRT and SRT Modular

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