Suomy Speedstar Glow Yellow
Suomy Speedstar Glow Yellow
Suomy Speedstar Glow Yellow

Suomy Speedstar Glow Yellow


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Suomy Speedstar 

The ambitious Speedstar is the Suomy intuition that, with more than 20 years
of experience in competitions, is offering a new concept of a versatile sports
helmet. Frequent wind tunnel sessions, tested as a racing helmet, allowed to
create dynamic shapes, a powerful aerodynamic coefficient and an enviable
overall balancing. The R&D, Design and Riding Test department created a
package of solutions that enhance comfort, versatility with breathable technical fabrics, Double D-Ring chin strap and balanced fitting suitable for any type
of riding. The new injection visor in Optical Class 1 and variable thickness, with
Pinlock Max Vision, ensures the best visibility from several driving angles; the
inedited Wide-Sunvisor extends to the cheek pads borders offering a full protection from the sunlight.

The shell is made of TRICARBOCO fiber, a new composite that allows to obtain
a lighter shell but at the same time harder and more protective.
The new composite is a mixture of carbon with different weight/breaking loads
linked up with aramid resins that ensure a light shell but much more resistant
to impacts.
To satisfy even the most exigent customers, SPEEDSTAR is produced in two
different shell: M and L

Internal polystyrene liner is realized in two sizes (M and L) to obtain a better
ergonomics and a variable density. This characteristic allows a gradual and progressive absorption of the power produced by the impact.
Even if the bigger part of the energy created by the impact is absorbed by the
external shell, thanks to its deformation, the role of polystyrene is crucial for the
absorption of the residual power.
A different density of the polystyrene allows to optimize the mechanical performance of the shell-polystyrene, ensuring the maximum level of absorption in
all areas of the helmet.

The visor is PC injected, anti scratch, optic in class 1 with variable thickness.
The hooks and rotation system allows the visor removal without tools.

SPEEDSTAR is equipped with PINLOCK Max Vision 70 lens included.

SPEEDSTAR is equipped with Sun-Visor, easy to use with left hand.

Internal polystyrene was studied to work in symbiosis with the air intake on the
external fiber shell. Particular channelings, obtained on polystyrene, allow to
air flow intake an optimal ventilation into the helmet and a quickly exhaust of
the hot air.

The cheek pads and the internal comfort can be removed, washed and replaced.
They are made of precious fabric with specific fibers that offers the following

  • Sends sweat from the body
  • Keeps fresh and dry
  • Light fabric, soft and breathable

The chin is provided with Double D-Ring retention system enabling an easy
release of the retain system.

Note: All our helmets are purchased directly from Australian supplier and carry the ECE 22.05 standard

Size Guide:

Size Cm
XS 53-54
S 55-56
M 57-58
L 59-60
XL 61-62
XXL 63