Suomy MX Tourer Road Adv Orange
Suomy MX Tourer Road Adv Orange
Suomy MX Tourer Road Adv Orange

Suomy MX Tourer Road Adv Orange


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Suomy MX Tourer Road Adv

MX Tourer is Suomy’s ace for wide range touring. Its plus are lightness and small
dimensions of shell, which, together with high level technical solutions, assure
a long term use without any physical effort. A perfect symbiosis between a full
face road helmet and an off road one: the peak, removable for long journeys, is
studied in the wind tunnel and limits aerodynamic resistance also at high speed; the wide viewing window and the inside sun visor become a must for every
adventure during day or night.

The shell is made of TRICARBOCO fiber, a new composite that allows to obtain
a lighter shell but at the same time harder and more protective.
The new composite is a mixture of carbon with different weight/breaking loads
linked up with aramid resins that ensure a light shell but much more resistant
to impacts.
To satisfy even the most exigent customers, MX TOURER is produced in THREE
different shell: M and L, XL.

Internal polystyrene liner is realized in THREE sizes (M, L and XL) to obtain a better ergonomics and a variable density. This characteristic allows a gradual and
progressive absorption of the power produced by the impact.
Even if the bigger part of the energy created by the impact is absorbed by the
external shell, thanks to its deformation, the role of polystyrene is crucial for the
absorption of the residual power.
A different density of the polystyrene allows to optimize the mechanical performance of the shell-polystyrene, ensuring the maximum level of absorption in
all areas of the helmet..

The visor is PC injected with anti fog and anti-scratch treatments, equipped
with a lock side system.

MX TOURER is equipped with a wide PC Sun-Visor, easy to use by the mechanism placed on the side of the shell.

Ventilation on the MX TOURER is guaranteed by many air intakes, two on the
chin guard and four on the shell, two of them intake air from the bottom of the
peak and two from the bottom of the shell
The air intakes use the well-known Venturi effect, which extract the air flow
from the inside thanks to particular channelings obtained on the polystyrene.

Inner and cheek pads completely removable and washable, available in different thickness, they can be matched to get the best customization of the helmet.

The chin is provided with Double D-Ring retention system enabling an easy
release of the retain system.

A very important feature for the MX TOURER is the possibility to take the peak
off and, using the special kit, the endure helmet is commuted into a full-face
The helmet is equipped with a special kit that allows, once the peak has been
removed, to add an additional air intake.

Note: All our helmets are purchased directly from Australian supplier and carry the ECE 22.05 standard

Size Guide:

Size Cm
XS 53-54
S 55-56
M 57-58
L 59-60
XL 61-62
XXL 63